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To Arrive Where You Are

– An essay on art & war –


Book cover

Banff Centre Press, 2000
Banff, Canada
English language
(various authors)
ISBN: 0920159710

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This book is a collection of twelve pieces (by 12 different authors) written under the umbrella of the prestigious Cultural Journalism Program @ Banff Centre for the Arts.

I spent July of 1998 in the Canadian Rockies, sitting days and nights in a rounded shack in a secluded forest area of the Centre. This was the writing studio I had during my stay there. This whole idea revolves around a simple premise: bring in several writers, give them one month, a room and a studio, an editor, and let them chase their own demons. In the end the writers will leave their stories to the host, and leave without looking back.

During that month I wrote an essay about the events I witnessed in Belgrade when the war started. My focus was on how the conflict in Yugoslavia influenced artists, what it did to their work, and how it affected their lives and perception of their surroundings. I felt fortunate to work with Barbara Moon, who was generous enough to be not only my editor, but also my psychoanalyst.

“To arrive where you are” holds pieces written in Banff over the years. The writing varies wildly in style and topics, but not in quality. These authors are a great company to be in, among them my friends Patricia Pearson and Mark Anthony Jarman, and other people whose work I love and admire.

BTW, Banff Centre Press has published several collections from this particular program. I recommend all if it — this is non-fiction at its best. Here is the link if you are interested: Literary Journalism Publications.

You can read an excerpt from my essay “Ticket to Fiction: Art & War in Belgrade” in the Articles section.

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