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Little Red Transistor Radio
from Trieste

— Short stories —


Praise for Little Red Transistor Radio from Trieste:

'These strange and beautiful stories ask us the very deepest questions about ourselves. I loved them.'

- Scarlett Thomas

'Dragan Todorovic is a master storyteller, ushering us into familiar worlds and then disturbing the peace, charming us with his wit only to outwit us with his magic. His fictions are sharp, elegant, and shapely and deeply, deliciously consoling.'

- Maureen Freely

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Short stories; 128 pages.
Nine Arches Press


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Published: 7th October 2012
Price: £7.99
ISBN: 978-0957098497

Dragan Todorovic's Little Red Transistor Radio from Trieste is the first collection of his uniquely dark, surreal and searing short stories. From a young boy discovering rock 'n' roll rebellion via his transistor radio in a small town in the former Yugoslavia, to a speculative supermarket where even the fake fruit and air fresheners can't hide pervasive shades of death, these stories encounter other 'possible selves', passengers, angels and voyeurs; things are lost and found and nowhere or no-one is quite as they appear to be.

Combining blistering observations with an unnerving and precise articulation of our worst-kept secrets and fears, these stories come to vivid and spellbinding life at Dragan Todorovic's command; in compelling dreams and nightmares they redraw the boundaries between the real and the imagined. [—Publisher's copy]


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