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Hurricane Called Bruce

– Unauthorised biography of Bruce Springsteen –

[Tajfun zvani Bruce]
IIC, 1989
Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Serbian language
(out of print)
ISBN: 86-7017-021-3

My first book was a biography of Bruce Springsteen. At the time I wrote it, I was editor-in-chief of the leading Yugoslav magazine dedicated to rock music, Rock! (with the exclamation mark). Books about music — especially about rock — were and still are rare on that market. Yugoslav audience knew Springsteen's work, but he was far from having the kind of position he already had in the West.

This book, written in Serbian, was printed in 3,000 copies, which is an unusually large print for the local market, and it was sold out in three months.

The interesting detail about this book: originally, there was a different cover, which was destroyed because both the publisher and I had problems with it. Only a few copies were actually produced with that cover, so it is an extremely rare version. (If you bring your mouse over the image above, you should be able to see it.)

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