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Jockey Full of Bourbon

– Poetry of Tom Waits (trans.) –

[Dzokej pun burbona]
Gradina, 1990
Niš, Yugoslavia
Serbian language
ISBN: 86-7129-002-6

My second book came to life in a rather strange way. The editor of the respectable literary journal Gradina (published since 1900), heard that I had been working for several years on gathering material for a book about Tom Waits. He called me one day to ask if I would make an anthology of Waits’ poetry, translate it into Serbian, and publish as a separate book with Gradina. I made a selection and wrote the introductory essay, titled “The Times. The Man. The Nightmares.”

I am still fond of this collection, since it was published in the same edition with books by John Lennon, Julio Cortazar, R. W. Fassbinder, Jorge Luis Borges, Susan Sontag, and Walter Benjamin, among others.


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